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Exchange Program J-1

The High School Exchange Program is also called the J-1 Program. Students study in the US with a J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa. The J-1 Program is sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the United States Department of State. It is a government approved program that allows students to study in an accredited high school and live with an American host family.
ICES Cambodia offers the Exchange Program to the US, Canada and the UK. For more information on the study destination , contact ICES Cambodia (+855) 61 924 141 / 98 686 901 / 10 279 567 / 61 981 568.


When you become an ICES Exchange student:


You become more confident:

From getting on a plane by yourself to adapting to new situations, you’ll develop confidence and independence.

You build lifelong friendships:

Attending a local school and living with a host family allows you to create lasting global relationships.

You see the world:

By studying abroad, you will have an enhanced global awareness and a better understanding of the world.

You master language skills:

Full immersion in the culture allows you to speak, read and write in a foreign language with ease.

You become more employable in the future:

Experiencing a different education system and practices can be a great advantage for your future career.

Program Requirements:


Mature, flexible and open-minded


15-18 1/2 years old upon entering the host country


Students currently in Grade 8-10

English Proficiency

Pass ELTiS (English Language Test for International Students) and English interview

School Grade

A minimum of a “C” average in all subjects taken over the past three years.

Host Family:

One of the special features of the J-1 Program is that students live with a host family. ICES host families come from all backgrounds, faiths and philosophies. Whatever the circumstances, host families share a common trait – they have enough love to make a young person from another country become part of their family. The most important part of being a host family is the ability to provide the love, support and a caring environment.

Host Family Responsibilities:

  • Host families provide a room in their home with a bed and access to a quiet area to study.
  • They provide meals
  • They coordinate transportation to and from school
  • Host families help you understand every aspect of the culture, and how the citizens of that country or city actually live, and help students improve their English language skills
  • They allow you to live like a typical American teenager, as a member of the family and as a student at the local high school

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