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The United States is a number 1 destination in the world for many international students, and Cambodians are one of them. According to a recent US government report, the number of Cambodian students studying at US colleges and universities in 2020-21 increased by 14.3 percent over the previous year despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Day by day, the desire of studying in the most developed country is growing in Cambodia as pursuing higher education allow students to learn new skills, explore the real world, and experience intercultural ways of learning.

While U.S. is home of some of the finest and affordable universities, having an opportunity to attend those institutions means the students can get high academic standards, follow attentive practices to maintain quality and be able to receive excellent education.

However, some Cambodian students do not know the reason why they should pursue higher education abroad or how and where they should start. Here are the main reasons that students should consider:

1. The U.S. provides quality education that is recognized worldwide:
The education system in the U.S. has been recognized at the international level. Students can easily access educational facilities such as libraries, research centers, and big learning spaces. Professors are knowledgeable and professional to provide quality study to students.

2. Opportunity to advance career path

Studying abroad helps student to boost their career opportunity. It is important to have a chance to develop skills such as intercultural communication, foreign language, adaptability and problem-solving. Therefore, students that study in the U.S. understand clearly the learning objective and apply it in practice which will help them in their career life.

3. Affordable tuition fee
When students think of studying in the U.S., they think of the high cost of tuition fee. However, there are many community colleagues and universities that offer various affordable programs for international students.

4.Exposure to different cultures

The U.S. is one of the study destinations that enrich international students from different countries. Students can exchange cultures and make new friends.

Cambodian students do not have to worry anymore about study abroad, with a trusted international education agency, SOGO, introduces study programs to the U.S., educational trips, and related services such as consultation. With SOGO, students can identify proper courses and select good institutions to fulfill their goals with confidence. All programs and services promise to provide quality and ensure student success.

Currently, SOGO welcomes students in Cambodia who dreams of pursuing education abroad. SOGO provides a one-stop solution with a comprehensive overseas education services based on your needs and goals. We help students identify the right course and institution, prepare and choose the right course of action and assist them through the entire process. For further inquiries and free consultation, contact us via 010 279 567, 061 924 141, Telegram Message @sogo_icescambodia or subscribe to our Telegram Channel

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